What Our Customers Are Saying About Us....

Great shop. Went there for the first time today and found nearly everything I was looking for. Pricing is good as well. I did a piece for piece comparison between C&R and a high-volume, discount online metals source and C&R’s final total, tax included, was ~20% cheaper. Plus I got my stuff in 30 minutes, not 7 days.
There’s a big sign at the shop that says they welcome small orders. As a weekend tinkerer, I truly appreciate that. If you’re local to South Florida, I highly recommend you give C&R a try.
— J. R.
Muy Buena atencion
— Marlin R.
These guys do great work!
— KF Garage
Very best place to go for any type of fabrication, always have what I needed to complete my projects, great prices too!
— Mike S.
Great service. Just bought a welding mask. Great prices on all their products. The place to go.
— Jesus R.
Outstanding service! Quick and knowledgeable, all you need to complete any project! Thank you.
— Barry H.